A software developer interested in mobile application & web applications. Currently working as a full-stack developer at SS&C Technologies

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  • Travelling

    Travelling is one of my biggest rejuvenations from a daily life of not so stressful university. In fact, I have changed my country 6 times in past 7 years!

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  • Coding, Maths and Physics

    I have been studying Physics and Math since I was 7 and have been coding since I was 16. To me computer science is a world where the word "IMPOSSIBLE" literally doesn't exist

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  • Family

    Oh Man, I have a massive Marwari family that I just love beyond anything. Just the number of first cousins amounts up to 112 people spanning over 4 generations.

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Penning down my thoughts always seemed like an interesting idea. Be it my moments of doubt or my periods of personal struggle. It could be my joys of success or celebration of the little meaningful things in life. I love to blog about everything.

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Developing mobile and web applications is quite a moral booster for me, especially when I get to see immediate results ! Currently, I am involved into Android, iOS, Apple Watch and web applications development!

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Finance and Diversification

I just jumped the gun by entering the finance world via my job. So far all I have done is represented on my linkedin profile. However, I look forward to the day when I can start knowledgeably blogging about it!

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A couple of my applications

Over the years, freelancing and fulltime employment working as a developer, I have created a bunch of apps using different technologies, open source APIs and the most famous Facebook, Twitter and Google Maps APIs

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"Second best approach to doing things right is to do it yourself. The best approach is to do it under the guidance of a mentor. I took the long way of doing it myself but in the process I learned how to do 5 more things. " - Chirag Chaplot

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I would love to do projects with you or for you, be it mobile applications, web applications, data science operations or computer security

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